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upcoming SRIG session in St. Louis!

Hey folks,

Get ready for our upcoming session in St. Louis!

Social Sciences SRIG Session: Issues of Identity, Voice, and Power Relations in Music Education

For decades, scientific researchers strove to examine fire as the product of chemical reactions. Finally, they surmised that fire cannot exist apart from the processes that create it. Similarly, musical learning is not a product separate from the societal forces that influence us. In this session of the Social Sciences SRIG, we will examine the societal “heat” and fuel” that affect how and why people learn and teach music.

The session will be divided into two halves. During the first half we will hear two research presentations: Carlos Abril will share a phenomenological inquiry into questions of relevance and meaning of a school band program and Victoria Armstrong will share an examination of genderedness in technology/composition instruction in the UK. Following the presentations, we will take a sort time for questions and discussion.

For the second half of our session we will break into three roundtable groups to share current, completed, and new ideas for research. Each roundtable will feature five-to-seven minute “flash” presentations on current and completed research, followed by mediated discussions with all participants (presenters and audience) on the roundtable research topic. It is hoped that the roundtables will promote networking and collaboration while sparking new research ideas.

Roundtable 1: Jason Thompson , Matt Clauhs, and Edward McClellan will share “flash” presentations on Issues of Identity. Jason Thompson will present current research: “Exploring White Students’ Marginal Experiences While Participating in a Black Gospel Choir.” Ed McClellan will examine “Identity Formation of Undergraduate Music Education Majors.” Matt Clauhs will share his phenomenology of student teachers’ experiences in urban classrooms. Kate Kitzpatrick-Harnish will facilitate this roundtable group, leading discussion with questions based on the roundtable research topic and flash presentations.

Roundtable 2: Wesley Brewer and Deanna Yerichuk will present and discuss research on Issues of Power Relations. Wesley Brewer will share a study examining the characteristics (demographics) of the marching band programs that win their way into competition finals. Deanna Yerichuk will share her study: “Bringing Good Music Closer to the People’: Settlement Houses, Community Music Education, and Citizen Formation in Historical Perspective.” Bruce Carter will facilitate the roundtable discussion for this group.

Roundtable 3: Scott Edgar and Kay Edwards will present and discuss research on Issues of Voice. Scott Edgar will present a study entitled: An Instrumental Case Study of Music Education in Alternative Schools: A Music Educator’s Approach to Interacting with Her Students’ Social and Emotional Lives.” Kay Edwards will discuss an historical examination of music of Native Americans in American music education. Teri Dobbs will facilitate this roundtable discussion. 


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